Safety Reminders & Instructions

I still remember this last winter when I mentioned to my husband how cold I was while laying in bed. A few minutes later he came back with my Flaxseed Wrap all warm and toasty... It was such a great feeling that I quickly fell asleep.

Whether using a Hot or Cold compress, children have more sensitive skin so it is very important to monitor them very closely when allowing them to use a Flaxseed Wrap or Eye Pillow.

Hot Compress

For the safety of you and your family, always keep the following in mind when using your hand-made Flax Wraps & Eye Pillows as a hot compress:

  • Always test wrap before each use
  • Microwaves are different! You need to experiment with yours until you find the correct time for the desired temperature
  • WARNING - Not only will overheating your Flaxseed Warps & Eye Pillows damage the seeds but you may get burned. So please be careful!
  • Flax Wrap - We find about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes works with our microwave
  • Flax Eye Pillow - Only about 30 seconds is necessary in our microwave

How to test your Flax Wrap

  1. If you think the temperature is safe, trying lightly tapping the wrap
  2. Test the temperature with a more sensitive part of your hand (like the back)

Please be especially careful when allowing your child to use a Flaxseed Wrap or Eye Pillow!

Cold Compress

Just throw it in the freezer and have it ready to go for whenever you need it.

After coming in from playing outside our 8 year old son loves to grab a Flaxseed Wrap out of the freezer. Also, when he has a headache he goes to the freezer, grabs a Wrap and either climbs in bed or lies down on the couch.

Flax Wrap Care

Since our Flax Seed bag is made of 100 % cotton and food grade Flaxseed your family should be able to get many years of normal use out of each Wrap and or Eye Pillow.

Spot Clean Only

DO NOT machine wash. A simple soft damp cloth should be good for most situations. All Eye Pillows come with a machine washable removable case.

Flax Wrap Case

Because our eight year old son loves to grab a Flax Wrap out of the Freezer when he comes in from outside playing to quickly cool down, I found it necessary to design an easy to use machine washable case. Custom cases start at $14.95. Go to the "About / FAQ" page and click "Send a message about"... and choose "Custom Order".